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Here is something that should make you feel good.

If you choose to purchase a vintage timepiece, you are recycling and re-using what would have been thrown away.

You are preserving a little piece of history with an unknown story except what is in your imagination.



My entire life I have been fascinated with watches, time and how it all works.

I remember my grandfather giving me a pocket watch when I was very young, and I promptly destroyed it, not really understanding what it was, and I have never forgotten that experience.

Fast forward to much more recent times, while studying Applied Mathematics (at the age of 60 no less), my mind was able to focus on preserving older timepieces. 

The journey is one of constant learning and understanding, and the enjoyment I get from restoring someone's favorite piece from long lost years and breathing new life into an otherwise piece of clutter in a drawer or box somewhere is simply an amazing feeling that I have trouble putting into words.

I believe in preserving as much of the original piece as possible. I also have some newer pieces listed because I either like the aesthetics or the technology of the piece and sometimes I will present a piece because it is a bargain that I would like to simply pass on to someone who would enjoy it.

You can see some of what I have accomplished in the last few months here. Please enjoy browsing, and be sure to check back often, as I am going to be adding new pieces weekly.

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