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Specializing in watches from a bygone era, preserving a little piece of history one piece at a time. All styles from vintage to modern and at every price point in between, there is surely a treasure to be found for everyone in your life.

  1. Please remember that older vintage timepieces are fagile and should not be subjected to hard knocks or shocks as they will be damaged.

  2. Remember also that unlike modern watches, the hairsprings are steel and become magnetized which will adversely affect the watches ability for time keeping, so placement near motors or other high current devices that may have a magnetic field should be avoided.

  3. Vintage watches should not be anywhere near water! Even if they say they are "waterproof" or "water resistant" they are not! Please avoid water and or damp conditions.

  4. Most vintage watches should only be wound once every 24 hours. If a watch is to be worn only occasionally then it is good practice to wind it at least once per month to ensure the lubricants are maintained.

  5. I only use Swiss lubricants and specifically I will use synthetic lubricants to maximise the life span of the movement before it should be serviced. A good rule of thumb is to service a watch every 5 years or so under normal circumstances.

  6. I can work on most watches but am by no means a "proffesional horologist" and because this is something I am continually striving towards, I may have to have a third party perform work on a particular timepiece should it prove to be an exceptionally valuable piece or an extremely complicated one.

  7. There is no warranty implied or otherwise granted by me as these vintage pieces are exactly that, vintage, Antique. Any of the new timepieces I have listed will come with a manufacturers warranty and it will be upto you to register these with the OEM to see if any warranty exists. 

  8. I should be able to rectify any issues with the watch, such as a regular service, or part replacement if it is available, but I can make no guarantee of such. You must remember that I am by no means a professional watchmaker. If you contact me concerning a repair, I will do my utmost to help get the issue addressed.

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