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Reviews and Suggestions

In an effort for total transparency and to help me improve my services to you, my customers. I have made a space that hopefully you can let me and others know what it is I do right and or could do better to improve your experience.

Mission Statement

Energy flows where your attention goes!

The whole point is that you don’t know when you start, where you’ll find yourself in the end.

And I find myself thinking about the designers, the crafts men and woman and the customers that have all touched these vintage watches in some way, wondering if they had any idea if these small engineering masterpieces would still be around 70, 80, 90 years later?

I step into the frame after acquiring them, to examine them for worthiness (and of course they are all worthy to me), and then I do my best to breathe new life into them, one piece at a time, trying to preserve the unknown history of these little marvels.

I endeavor to keep the prices as low as possible and do hope that these can bring some enjoyment to their newfound owner and home with which they can live for many more years to come.

Reviews from customers

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