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Real lizard band, new crystal. Has date window. Functioning as it should.

Accutron 1972

SKU: 0008
IVA excluido |
  • This watch is a vintage time piece. It is functioning as it should. It shows signs of use over the years.

    18K gold fill 

    Swiss. Lug to lug 40mm.  Width 34mm.  Serial # J713057

    Each of the ends of the tuning fork has a little magnet on it. The fork provides the resonant or tuned part of the circuit. Both of these magnets are surrounded by a coil of very fine wire attached to the body of the watch. Power from the battery flows through the transistor, and then through both of the driving coils.

    These watches are more accurate than quartz timepieces in general, however they are not as robust and should treated more gently than the average timepiece.

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